Sculpture Walk in River City is Always a Winner

By Beth Ann Chiles

Even though we are in the midst of the winter cold and winds of North Iowa there are still plenty of things to see and do in and around Mason City.  River City Sculptures on Parade are on the top of my “must see” list and with new sculptures being added every year there are always new ones to check out  There is just something special about each one of them.  I think the work that has gone into getting these sculptures to our city has been magnificent.

Several have been  purchased to remain in the  city. Probably the biggest joy was seeing one of the more expensive pieces, Circle of Friends by artist Karen Crain, stay in place in front of our Mason City Public Library due to a wonderful donation by a local resident, Kay Sloan.

circle-of-friendsYou can see that it is perfect for that space and reminds me that it is a joy to be able to curl up anywhere with a good book.

This year we have new sculptures thanks to this great non-profit group that partners with SculptureOne.  Mason City has the exclusive rights to have the presence in the state of Iowa and it is easy to walk the 1.6 mile loop to check out all of the sculptures.

FLW p1020248American Architect by Martha Pettigrew is a permanent piece in Central Park.

p1020216Threading the Needle by Joellen Domenico

p1020219Fat Tire by Lance Carleton

p1020222Shima by Martha Pettigrew

p1020229The Monumental Professor by Gregory Johnson

p1020224Waldgeist by Lee Badger

p1020237Girls Can Do Anything by Julie Jones Denker

And finally –several shots of what is probably my favorite one at this point.  Look and You Will Find It by Kate Christopher sells for $7,500.  It is one of the smaller pieces even though my photographs may make it look larger than life.  According to the artist there could be many interpretations of this piece.  Any and all are correct as we all bring with us different experiences and life events that help us to find the meaning that fits for us.




p1020236A visit to Mason City is not complete without a tour of these wonderful sculptures.  The snow does not take away a bit of the beauty so if you visit during the wintery weather don’t hesitate to check them out.  I suspect they are even more beautiful in the snow.

beth ann chilesBeth Ann is a 50 something wife and mother of two handsome adult sons who shares her home with her feline friends, Buddy and Holly. As an avid reader and lover of travel, she has found herself living in many different places over the years and loves to connect with all kinds of people who share her zest for life. Her blog, It’s Just Life–Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary, highlights her passions: writing, travel, food and her ever growing teapot collection. She looks at life through a full glass and tries to pay it forward every chance that she gets. She invites you to follow along with her adventures on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


About visitmasoncityiowa

Mason City, Iowa is best known as the hometown of "The Music Man", Meredith Willson. This charming town also showcases Prairie School Architecture designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and is home to the only remaning hotel in the world designed by Wright. The largest selection of Bil Baird puppets can also be found right here in Mason City, located in North Central Iowa.

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