Rancho Deluxe – The Original Bicycle Garden

Rancho Deluxe – The Original Bicycle Garden 

500 2ND St. NE 


I remember this unique and memorable place from a number of years ago, I believe when I  was still a high school student.  My friend told me about this garden in Mason City that was strangely unique with lots of recycled art. She, too was very interested and talented in the field of art – so this garden was of much interest to her. 


Now, as I head back to  Rancho Deluxe – The Original Bicycle Garden the first thing I notice is how much the garden has grown. Lots of fun art and Mason City history has been incorporated into the garden. 


Max, the owner and artist  has many visions for the garden, thus, making it a “Hot Spot” for visitors to the community. Some of his future plans consist of making the garden a place for  bicyclists, as there is talk about a bike path extending  behind the garden-on the northeast side of town. The dream is to make this a camping and resting stop for those traveling on two wheels-with live local music played on the stage, brats & beer for sale and much more!


While talking to Max, he shared that he has many visitors each and every day – lots of motor coach tours making  a point to stop and check it out. On weekends it’s not uncommon  for senior pictures to be taken, family get togethers to happen and on a GREAT day there may be a wedding or two!  – Crazy!


In 2014 RAGBRAI made an overnight stop in Mason City, IA.  Rancho Deluxe Garden served a camping site for many of the RAGBRAI rides and added a unique twist to their stay in Mason City, IA.  


The Garden is home to many pieces of Mason City. Such as  bicycle racks from former schools, old school gates and many signs.


I have to say my favorite part about the Garden is the cement blocks that have been turned into real works of art by both locals and tourists. The cement blocks serve as a blank canvas for many artists. When visitors are at the Garden they can create whatever their imagination has in store for them… they are able to leave just a little bit of their artistic ability for all to see.  The cement blocks are a way for people to release energy into something positive – and they turn out to be amazing works of art. Anyone is free to bring paint and claim a block to create their own masterpiece…in fact, it’s encouraged! 


022Created by local artist Mark Whitten

Rancho Deluxe is a must-see when you’re visiting Mason City, Iowa.


About visitmasoncityiowa

Mason City, Iowa is best known as the hometown of "The Music Man", Meredith Willson. This charming town also showcases Prairie School Architecture designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and is home to the only remaning hotel in the world designed by Wright. The largest selection of Bil Baird puppets can also be found right here in Mason City, located in North Central Iowa.

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