16 Best Instagram Photos

16 Best Instagram Photos 

Before we say ‘see ya later’ 2016 – Check out 16 of the best Instagram photos, posted by others of Mason City, Iowa in 2016

1. “My view here @ NIACC. 💙💛 #Trojans


Captured By: @___miriamg

2. “Happy Wednesday! Taking a break from my flood of autumn photos today. Here are 2 favorite buildings from our road trip last summer. The #suzieqcafe, a #valentinediner and #thekirk, a #copperclad #victorianera apartment building in #masoncity #iowa. #roadtrip2016 “


Captured By: @beevco

3. No Caption Needed – Featuring: The Historic Park Inn


Captured By: @iowa_diecast

4. “What is this, a castle in Iowa? Practically!
#iowa #thisisiowa #architecture#masoncityiowa #americancastle#designgenius #WalterBurleyGriffin#canimovehere #dreamhouse #onlyiniowa#MelsonHouse” 


Captured By: Iowa_Journeys

 5. “It’s great to be home❄️🎄”


Captured By: @jrowe_7

6. “Racing is a matter of spirit, not strength.”
-Janet Guthrie 

Photo Credit: Buck Monson Photography

Image: North Iowa Event Center


Captured By: @northiowaeventscenter

7. “The first snow in @visitmasoncityiowa – East Park is quiet today as the winter season begins in #ThisIsIowa “


Captured By: @travelwithsara

8. “It’s December 4th and the snow finally decided to stick around!! I love how pure the snow looks right after it falls. I love how the trees look with those white flurries piled up on their branches. I love how people’s excitement is awakened when the earth turns white. Lastly, I love that God created snow, because He knew that it would make people happy on that first snowfall! Have a great Sunday y’all ❄❄” NIACC


Captured By: val.sorensen.9

9. “#hike #hiking #fun #outside#clouds #sky #blue

Lime Creek Nature Center


Captured By: @cdoop4

10.#eastpark #iowa #rivercity #fall#nature #naturephotography

East Park


Captured By: @jkscharper

11. “I looked at this statue from a different angle, both literally and metaphorically. Meredith Wilson was such a talent and as I took this photo, I saw his creative spirit by his raised hand and his head held high…”


Captured By: @lijbrod

12.”Christmas walk around my mom’s hometown”


Captured By: @margowinter

13.”Diaries of a Curly Toed Elf: Today’s theatre was in Mason City Iowa, which is also where The Music Man was filmed! How fun! Loved this windy, chilly city, and it’s warm hospitality!”


Captured By: @samanthamchenry

14.”If you’re a fan of “The Music Man,” you can visit the birthplace and boyhood home of playwright Meredith Willson in Mason City, Iowa. The Queen Anne style home dates from 1895 – you gotta love that eyebrow window!”


Captured By: @ourbrickstory

15.”Frank Lloyd Wright could do no wrong”


Captured By: @david1959


“Flight cancelled consolation prize – Iowa Broadway Baby: #themusicman#meredithwilson #seventysixtrombones “

Captured By: @schatzisf

About visitmasoncityiowa

Mason City, Iowa is best known as the hometown of "The Music Man", Meredith Willson. This charming town also showcases Prairie School Architecture designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and is home to the only remaning hotel in the world designed by Wright. The largest selection of Bil Baird puppets can also be found right here in Mason City, located in North Central Iowa.

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